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I've been looking for either What Remains or Blood Ties for months. On 19 May, I sent the following mail to Stick Figure Productions:

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Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 15:11:01 -0500
From: "Kevin W. Mullet" <kevin.mullet@gmail.com>
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To: info@stickfigureproductions.com
Subject: Plea from the analog still photography community!

Not that I speak for all my fellow analog photographers, but I know
I'm far from alone in wanting to find a showing of or buy a VHS tape
or DVD of

"What Remains" (Steven Cantor, 2005)
"Blood Ties: The Life and Work of Sally Mann" (Steven Cantor, 1993)

Please let me know how I can find and see these movies!

Thanks very much in advance,


I've yet to receive a reply. I might have to set aside some time and see if I can reach anyone via telephone who is willing to point me in a constructive direction.

I've seen a post or two on various mailing lists indicating that folks have seen Blood Ties at their University. What Remains was screened at 2006 Sundance Film Festival and was made (AFAIK) for HBO, but a search for the terms "What Remains" or "Steven Cantor" on the HBO site yield nothing relevant to the What Remains or Blood Ties movies.

I've tried looking up Blood Ties in several of the area University online library catalogs in hopes of getting it via interlibrary loan. No dice.

Both movies are listed at imdb.com, but neither has any links to a site where it may be purchased. I've Amazoned, Googled, Dogpiled and Barnesandnobled until I'm blue in the face and have bones sticking out of the ends of my fingertips (well... almost) to no avail. I've eBayed from one continent to another. Nada.

It would probably be easier to contact Sally Mann and get her to reenact the movie in the local coffee shop than it would to get a copy of either movie, as far as I can tell.

Whether it's APUG, various Usenet groups, the large format list, alt process lists or countless other photo discussion boards, there's always someone looking for one or both of these movies, and no one knows where to get, rent, borrow or view a copy.

The complete lack of information on the HBO site about this movie which seemed to be fairly prominant at Sundance leads me to fear that HBO is just shelving it with no intention of showing it. Of course, if they own the rights, that keeps anyone else from showing it as well.

I guess unless you were lucky enough to see Blood Ties in the mid-nineties or What Remains at Sundance, you're out of luck.