Well, good news afterall. I went to the Stick Figures Productions web-site and gave them a call. They said that someone had just called in ahead of me requesting a copy. They were out, but they have just placed an order for a 'bunch' of copies of "Blood Ties". They cost $20 + s\h. I put my name in the queue for a copy and I'd encourage anyone interested to do the same. The movies are on DVD and they will arrive within a few days according to the contact at SFP.

Also, please spread the word about the movie to other sites that you know. I know there was a usenet newsgroup devoted to Sally Mann and I'll try to subscribe to it if it still exists and let them know.

As for "What Remains", it is not available. It is making the film festival circuit right now and HBO owns the rights to it. At some point, someone will become the distributor for it, but he didn't know how long that would take. But patience young Skywalker, you will be able to buy it one day.