Michael Smith somewhere said that he never returned to the same subject in order to improve on his original vision. Ed Weston was the opposite for he tenaciously "worked" his subjects. In his vegetable series, he would get upset if someone ate the vegetable before he was finished with it. Frequently, they rotted before he was done with it. Whether it is a particular location, eg.. Point Lobos, or a model for an abstract view of the female form, he worked at it to improve on his conception.

Unless we're gadget hounds, most of us take pride in knowing our equipment, lighting situations, etc. to the point where we can dispense with some of the gadgets including even a light meter. But that is not the same as intuitively knowing your vision. Ed Weston may have talked in such a manner, but his actions frequently didn't match his intellectualized view of himself. We could compile enough quotes of Ed Weston to produce a "Zen & the art of photography" book, but it wouldn't match the reality of Ed Weston.