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Søren, I'm not so sure about that. I mean, I don't want EVERY camera or lens I see, just the ones that meet a need. And there aren't many of those.


Do you feel targeted Dan ?
I believe you and I don't think you are suffering from camera greed
I do think it's one of the symptoms in Magic Bullit Chasing Syndrome, You know, if I had this camera or that lens my pics would be much better
But what's the case here is the lust after something because it's cool. I mean Leica is cool, a Mamiya 7 II is cool, a gandolfi 5X7 or 8X10 is cool etc.
Its about wanting a camera or a lens for the joy of playing around with it and have something thas really top quality not because you need that exact item to be able to do a certain shot. And I think it's ok, whats wrong with buying a leica for the feel of it and its ruggedness or whatever even if a Voigtländer does the job just as good ? nothing.
I'm not a pro and I don't "need" to take pictures to get food on the table but I need to go out with my cameras to feel alive, I just can't help it. My cameras ain't tools they are toys. I feel happy playing with them and if I get great images from them great, if not I have had a good time anyway.
Thats not to say that getting good result doesn't matter of cource it does but it's not the end of the world if I fail.
Cheers, Søren