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Sorry - too many rules....
Truly, dr bob.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What rules do you dislike?

steve simmons
I'll take them one at a time. Some have already been addressed....

"the image area you must include the edges of the film. "
Been addressed, thanks.
"If you want the image cropped indicate so on the image"
I am "into" ap so that I have control. I do not wish to allow cropping by a third party.
"-files must be smaller than 125K and should be in .jpg format
-anything deemed pornographic will be deleted
-you can include up to 50 words of info - location, camera, lens, film type, exposure, filters, etc."
I can live with this.
"-any antagonistic comments will be deleted and a second offense here will result in the elimination of all of your images and your opportunity to post anything else on the site"
I agree - a good requirement IMO.
"Once a year we will go through and publish the best images in View Camera magazine"
Your personal judgment or a group of - whom?

This addresses my opinions as only one of many, but you ask.