Hi Matej,

in case you come to Berlin you can pick up A03 5 Liter packs for 50 cents.
But they are from ORWO and over 20 years old (yet still working).
Other alternatives would be: MACO LP supergrain liquid conc. or E102 universal developer (which is by far the cheapest).
These developers all feature high equalizing capacity and 5-7 minutes for all films. They are extremely easy to use and produce good results especially for beginners. The others are right: A49 or other developers make finer grain and in the end better negatives yet they are much more difficult to use and if I think back to my first years of developing basically all films of the first 3 years are useless because I screwed something up with the dilution or agitation or temperature....
If I had used any of these equalizing developers my first results had been much better.

You can fin all prices in our catalogue for your information.

We can ship to Slovakia.

Regards from Berlin,