I can give you a whole list of developers which we recomend but I am afraid it won´t help because they are not available in the US.
But since Europeans read in here too I might as well go ahead....
Our standard is N113 from Calbe which is also very stable and simple to use. I think JandC will include this developer soon because it is a powder dev. and can be shipped easily.
Best results are achieved with a two dish development in a combination from Tetenal Dokumol and Centrabrom. Whereas you develop first for the lights in Centrabrom and then pull down the blacks in Documol.
Moersch has also a blue developer out and makes a blue additive (like someone above recomended you).
The SEPAROL series from Moersch and the VGT developier tool kit allow you to actually control the image tone over all possible shades from brown to blue.

We will stock up some of these specialties soon at JandC.

Regards from Berlin,