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I assume you are shooting school sport teams? Or like little league teams? What are you considering to be a kickback?

What I have seen is a free team print for the coach and orders from the parents. The photog makes the money from the parents. I never thought this was a kickback. For school portraits things get rather silly and the freebies fly but the photogs make a mint off the often terribly shot portraits of their kids.
Thanks mark for the input. Yes, little league and the like. I called the local park district and the girl in charge was straight forward that they make good money off of the photographer that is doing their work for baseball and soccer teams. In the past the only freebies I gave was an 8x of karate instructors at karate school. And that was only after I was told I would not be doing any other classes unless they got freebies. I was stunned then and still bothered by all of it. I feel the parents of the children being photographed are paying higher pack prices to cover extra money back to league officials. I try to keep my prices low, but competitive with others.