What are the agreed upon dates and times for the Eastern State Prison trip?



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Thanks Bill. Do let me know when you'll be around.

I will send an email to ESP on Monday about the 20th. I will remit the info as I get it.
Lets get some specifics hashed out here. What time do you wish to meet up ? I would suggest not being on the roads around the city from between 7:30 - 9:00, as 95/76/676 can be nasty. So, perhaps we should meet up around 10:30-11 ? For you early folks, I can also be up in the city early if you wanted to get some morning shots around the waterworks/art museum area....Just let me know. I personally plan in being up in the city early, and heading out to Manayunk to meet up with a friend of mine beforehand.
On a side note: I will be bringing a changing room (calumet) so we can load up film throughout the day. Furthermore for those of you interested, Calumet is right in the city as well; although I will warn you that their film/darkroom area is 1/5th of what it used to be. They still do have a rather large selection of Slide and Color films however.
Finally, lets start to get a tally of how many people we'll have going, so I can give ESP an idea of what size group we'll be.