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Are you sure the prints were dry mounted.

All the exhibitions I've seen in Europe, and the US, have have overmats, some leave a small whie border around the print some crop into the print.

Except for amateur images I've never noticed dry-mounted prints, in the last 20+ years, at gallery exhibitions.

Yep, on some of them, it was just possible to see the edge of the dry mount tissue bleeding out the edge of the print. They were definitely dry mounted.

I think I saw this first while living in Paris five or six years ago-- can't remember the exhibit, since there were so many of them there, and I went to most of them. It may have been the big Edward Weston retrospective at the Carnavalet where I first noticed it. If so, then probably the dry-mounting, if not the overmatting and framing were probably done in the U.S.