I noticed someone on a post asking about people clubbing together to buy cheaper films etc. I was just wondering if anyone uses their local college/ dont know what they are called in the States or if you got them, but I enrolled on a photography course here and went to the college shop. They sold all makes of film in 35mm and 120mm and I could'nt believe their prices.
Forilford FP4 and HP5 120mm I pay 1.45 each but in the photo shop in town I paid 3.94! The same for paper: 10x8 box of 100 FB/VC cost me 25.00. It's because they have such buying power that they can do this,I don't think they are subsidised. My course lasts for 3 years but they did'nt ask me for proof of being a student so even after my course finishes I will still but from there.
It's only a thought but it allows this lowly paid slave to hide in the darkroom.
Another really good source is the 7 day shop, again I don't know if they export to the USA and if it would be worth it but worth looking at.