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The answer to your question is "no". If a Protar V of 8 3/8" shows up you'll be bidding against me. In spite of all the hype, the Computar 210 does not get the job done. Nice to wish for but I have one and to cover 11X14 you're focusing "in" at 80 feet or less and stopping down to f64 to try to get the corners covered. That isn't an 1114 lens in my book. There was a pretty 210 pre-war f6.8 Angulon from a seller in Japan earlier this week. I have no experience but Ole swears they'll cover amazing things.
I had a 210mm f/6.8 Angulon at one time in the past and the circle of illumination was slightly greater than that of my 210 Computar. However, performance at the corners, even for contact printing, was dismal. The 180mm (8X10) Protar V I have gives much better performance on the corners than the 210 Angulon, as does the 210 Computar.

No surprising, since the Angulon is really nothing but a Dagor by another name, and Dagors are simply dreadful beyond about 85 degrees.