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Magic bullet syndrome, Søren? I think not. I just like to have 'em around.

The real reason I think its not magic bullet syndrome is that I've done a lot of shootouts. With the emulsions I shoot, my typical subjects, and my lousy technique, the lenses I've tried have fallen nicely into two categories: good enough to use, not good enough to use. The good enoughs all shoot about equally well as I use them. The not good enoughs really stand out for poor image quality.

The problem is, until a lens has been tried there's no way to tell which category its in. Reputation is fine, but past abuse matters too. There are no magic bullets.
Sorry Dan. Didn't mean to accuse you of that either.

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That's the key, isn't it, and realising that at the right time.

But collecting and using different cameras can be a pleasure in itself, I definitely agree with that too, and am REALLY not calling ANYONE 'greedy' (though I do like the word itself- just the sound of it!). After all, all those cameras and lenses out there need good homes.
Absolutely true.
I think we agree most of the way Stargazer.
Cheers Søren