Sandy King just posted this on the alternative mailing list. Just in case he doesn't get around to posting here as well...


I just spoke to Dick Arentz about the question of UV blocking in Tmax 100 film. After being alerted to the potential problem of this film, first discussed on this list, he tested Tmax 100 with Pt/Pd and confirms that the effective UV blockage is approximately three full stops.

So unless you lust after very long exposures you might want to eliminate this film from your sack of tricks for Pt/Pd printing, and most likely for all other alternative processes based on exposure with UV radiation.

Just for the record, I have not measured any UV blocking of this magnitude in Tmax 400, or for that matter in any other films by Kodak or Ilford.

Sandy King


Original source: The Alternative Mailing List, post by Sandy King


I knew there was a reason I hadn't switched to tmax from tri-x, hp5 and fp4