Convert inches to metric Cm by multiplying inches x 2.54. IE 10 in x 2.25 =25cm or 250 mm

I can`t even use the measuring devices in the kitchen, cups teaspoons etc. They make absolutely no sense at all.

My new car has a spedo that can be changed to Km with the push of a button. No more dual scale junk.

Metric is coming, get used to it. The rest of the world does not understand us and the English. Metric is totally entrenched in the scientic world and has been forever.

10x prints are no problem at all with decent enlarging lenses and a well alligned enlarger.

Minimum grain will be if you overexpose one stop and cut development 20 %.

You will be impressed with Delta 100 exposed at 50, developed in D76 1:1 for 7.5 min or Hp5 at 200. Tri x at 200 and D76 undiluted for 4.75 min or 7 at 1:1.

All these times are for a condenser enlarger and #2 grade paper. Ilford agitated 10/60 and Kodak 5/30.

Have fun.