Interesting you mentioned that lens. I didn't know that lens and so I didn't buy it. I asked the seller to take that lens off and get $250 off his asking price. So I had a good deal on the camera.

Since we are on the subject of lenses, I have to tell you a small joke fate played with me: about three months ago, so convinced that I would never touch ULF, I took a 30" Artar in its wooden box which had been patiently sitting and waiting for this camera in my closet for the last 5 years and auctioned it off on eBay. I wanted it to produce beautiful images, my well intentioned excuse.

For this camera, I rushed to have my 14" Trigor mounted on a Copal 3, 19" and a 24" RD Artars will be taken off my Deardorff lens boards, a 760mm Nikkor in barrel as a sad replacement for my lost 30" Artar and a new purchase of a Artar 35" which I grabbed with hasty hands a week ago.