KRST is Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner.

I as well as a lot of people here use ILford Hypam Fixer.

Using a two fixing system involves using two trays. You do half the time in the first (say 30-45 sec) then move to the next for the same amount of time.

What this does is insures that your prints are not being fixed by depleted fixer. After the correct number of prints for the fixer's capacity has been fixed, you dump Fix 1 and mover Fix 2 to now be Fix1, and you mix a new batch for Fix 2.

A big part of archival printing is to ensure that your fix has not gone beyond it's capacity. This ensures it.

The Ilford warmtone fiber is nice paper and like I said if you just tone it about 1:9 for around 4-5 minutes you will get that eggplant color. If you use Zonal PRo warmtone developer and then selenium tone it is a nice warm brown.

When you are doing this toning, keep careful notes on developer, paper, times, dilutions , as well as toner so if you find what you really like you can duplicate it.