I've got two...a beseler 23CIII and a brand new LPL4550XLG VCCE. What's neat is that B&H (as well as Adorama) has been selling the LPL for $1999.95(American) BUT....!!! B&H has just cut the price to $1649.95 and is throwing in an Omega 14x17 four-blade easel for free. I was going to buy the slightly lower level 4500II when the catalog arrived in the mail. WHEW!! I'd have been more than a little ticked off if I'd just purchased the other machine. But I've just gotten the 4550 and couldn't be happier. (As is often said on this board btw, I have no stock or other financial interest in B&H whatsoever.) If anyone's been interested in one of these, now's the time to consider a really good deal. I'm not sure if the new price reflects a current temporary sale or if it is to be the new permanent price.