While shooting on Wed, I noticed the rear standard on my DLC wasn't locking as it should, and moving as the holder was inserted. I tried adjusting this in the field and succeeded in making a bit of a mess of it. As I am in the middle of a project entitled "Winter Solstice Seroes Portfolio" (a series of images shot within 2 weeks on either side of the solstice) this problem with the camera potentially had far reaching consequences in regard to meeting my required deadline. I called Kieth Canham yesterday, related my problem and asked about the possibility of a rapid turnaround on the required service for the camera.

I delivered him the camera to him this morning, and he adjusted it while I waited. He then charged me nothing, even though he felt that the problem was caused by abuse (overtightening) on my part.

While I realize that I am fortunate to live within convenient driving distance of Kieths shop, I just wanted to point out that Kieth graciously interupted his holiday with his family in order to accomodate my urgent request. Certainly I had no right to expect this kind of responsiveness, and I will be back in the field on Sat, thanks to Kieth.