I didn't include this in my original question but I will at this time:

The film is defenitly loaded with the emulsion towards the inside of the tube(I have done some really stupid stuff in the past so yes I never ruled that out)!

I did in fact on several sheets fix for two minutes in the tube and then two minutes outside the tube.

I did do a side to side agitation OFF the base at one minute intervals.

All these things considered I am befuddled! Thinking at great length on these I was wondering if there is a chemical contamination issue here? Could the old plastic be somewhat porus and holding a chemical that is tainting my chemistry and or film? I washed the insides with a citric type cleaner and even left them with water in overnight standing up on end. Maybe I need to try to use something to neutralize the inside of the drum? Vinegar? Any thoughts would be welcomed wholeheartedly.

Thank yuo