Paula and I would hope that everyone would buy their Azo from us and not get it from Mexico, even if they do have fiber-based paper, which I doubt. We have struggled mightely to keep Azo in production. As many of you know, Kodak had cancelled Grade 3 last year and it is only becasue of our intervention that they reinstated what were defunct catalogue numbers. To my knowledge, this is the first time that Kodak ever did this. it wasn't easy--it took months of discussion and cajoling. And that was just one of our efforts to preserve this paper.

At one time we was asked if we wanted RC Azo in the USA. We declined. There is barely enough usage of Azo to support continued production as is. If the orders were split between another paper (considering the RC as another paper) it could spell the death knoll for Azo, despite any arguments we would raise. Kodak evaluates what products to keep in production based on the amount of each catalogue number sold. Every product, grade, size of packaging, surface, etc., has a different catalogue number. We certainly do not want to split the sales into different products.