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They indicated that the changes that they were making were for the purpose of saving the business. They then apologized but indicated that only bricks and mortar operations making annual purchases in excess of $10,000 or more a year could purchase their products at wholesale pricing as long as it was in their packaging. ... this did not sit well with me. I am sure that other photographers in the same boat were not happy.



I have to jump on the boat here as well, I am rather upset that they did this to all their accounts. I've spent a small fortune over the years as well and I let them know in no uncertain terms that I will take my business elsewhere.

Most of what they had was from over 127 different vendors. I will buy from many of them depending on what it is I need. Many times it's chaper to use the vendor, it was just easier to use LI as a single point of contact.

I just can't see how getting rid of all the smaller folks makes it better for them. Even one of the local photo stores here has raised their prices beyond what is on the website because even thought they run several hundred thousand in sales through their company a month, they dont have the ten grand in sales of thier product they need to get the discount.

In the west there is a company called CMI. http://www.cmimoulding.com/

They just launched a new website with an online catalog. Give them a try.