I must admit I was about to post something on a similar line to this.

I did my first batch of 16x12 selenium-toned prints a couple of weeks ago on MGIV FB glossy. I dried them back-to-back on a line (just like that nice Dr Rudman suggested!) and, fair enough they didn't "curl" (all sides in towards the middle), but they warped (twisting of a plane) like the flamin' Starship Enterprise.

I've had them sandwiched between two sheets of mount board with my most of my library sitting on top of them for the last fortnight, and they are a bit better, but an hour after taking them out they're curling like Scottish Olympic hopefuls!

I may try ironing them like Aggie suggests. Failing that, has anyone else tried this "Amoloco anti-curl liquid"? Any idea on its affect of the archival properties of the print?