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I know I'll be facing an extreme uphill battle, but if and when I have kids, they will get all the books they can read, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys and Legos they can glom together, minimal TV (there will NOT be a TV in their room), structured internet access. NO Playstation or Xbox. Pencils, paper, crayons, cameras...anything to drive creativity and personal expression. I'll make sure they are literate by the time they're in Kindergarten.

I have none or my own, but cousin's and friend's kids get presents from me that are either toys requiring fiddling around, or books. Usually one of each. I even ordered a Russian erector set copy for one because the current US version is designed to build specific models. Fortunately, one of the kids has taken to the arts, so she gets brushes, paints, calligraphy sets and the like. I try to find models for the boys.

I have fond memories of playing with guns made from a stick, rubber band, nail, and clothespin trigger. Of course someone probably sells those now. When was the last time anyone saw a homemade treefort? Does the community association prevent those now?