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I live here locally in Southern California and pick up my orders on a will call basis from Light Impressions in Brea. I have to plan ahead and anticipate my needs, have always found them to be responsive to my needs (even when I haven't planned well), love the quality of the products that they sell, and, in those years that I have qualified on a volume basis, have received the appropriate discounts. I can count on them, (unlike Ilford, who is a pain in the rear, and constantly never meets their quoted lead times, or returns calls, about meeting my paper needs (sometimes in the hundreds of sheets) for digital print work).

Is this just a bunch of whining by a bunch of little guys about the big guys again?

No it certainly is not. I had an account with them as I said for about 20 years. I had my account rep (s) and a wholesale/discount account with them for about 10 of them. For awhile, it looked like a revolving door with a new account rep every 3 months to a year. Their service was better when they were in Rochester. I placed orders that they sent to my old address (that I had left 4 to 6 months earlier). I had partial orders sent to me in PA and to the wrong address while the rest of the order was somehow running all around California for 4 weeks and then delivered to the wrong address and damaged. They were having a problem shipping packages for some time. Certainly errors like this (and there were many others) contributed to their financial difficulties- since they either had to supply boards for free and or additionally discounted.

I never really complained about the problems with shipping and the changes in my account rep. And like Robert Hall, I sunk thousands of dollars into products from Light Impressions year after year. Also, as Robert indicated, I could certainly get many of the same products from other sources for less money.

There is certainly something to being be said for a company having some degree of loyalty to its customers and vice versa. Also as Robert has commented and many other photographers and businesses have found having the business arrangements change so that your costs increase 10 - 35% or more increase can certainly have a drastic affect on the work relationship and your pricing.