Hey all,

just wanted to throw this out there since I spent a lot of time searching for them. I got a Durst L1200 EM also known as a Durst L1200 Varipoint Enlarger for free. It was barely ever used...purchased for an electron microscope lab that didn't get a lot of use. It came with two lenses (schneider componon-S 50mm and 150mm), two sets of condensers, some negative carriers, a really nice grain focuser, a Gralab 545 timer, and some various other insundries including the transformer. It did not come with a manual. After much looking, I actually emailed Durst in Italy and they sent one for free. The manual they sent is for the more common Variable contrast head, B&W condenser (standard) head, and the Dicrho.

I went back to my source for the enlarger and was able to get the original manual for the Varipoint head.

So, now I have both manuals scanned as .pdf files in the event that someone needs them. I feel that since Durst sent the manual to me for free, I would be doing them a favor (they paid for postage from Italy). If you have a Varipoint (point light source) head like I do, then chances are you won't find a manual anywhere (mine says 1986 on the copyright, though the enlarger was bought new in 1995). Durst didn't even offer to sell me one.

Anyway... now I am waiting for the opal lamp holder I ordered from Jens at Durst Pro so I can convert the head into a standard condender (albeit a really snazzy one with coated condensers and a coated mirror!). The opal lamp holder costs LESS than a new point light source BULB!

Now I need to get cracking on building my basement darkroom! I was going to hold off indefinitely, but a free L1200 is a little crazy. It is so tall I will probably have to put the baseboard on the floor for it to work.