I've had a few guillotine cutters and a roller style but the slickest one I have is my Logan 650 mat cutter. It has a lockable straight cut on one side that cuts paper clean and square, has a stop on the guide bar to set the length of the cut, which is handy when I cut up roll paper which I hung on a clamped together frame on the edge of the desk. I tried it because I needed a place for the mat cutter in my darkroom so moved the monster guillotine cutter to an out of the way corner to gather dust, I cut more mats than print paper anyway. If you are taking proper care of the mat cutter you'll have a nice sharp blade in it all the time and the cut is fine and effortless. Now that I've tried it I like it better than the old guillotine and can get a straighter cut. If you have one of the mat cutters with the cutting block on rails like this it's worth trying it sometime if it lives in the darkroom like mine.