Like I said, there are suppliers that are completely unresponsive, I stand by the example that I give above and will probably have to approach that party through one of their distributors again next week for upwards of 500 sheets to support an upcoming order. Who knows what the delivery timeframe will be, one thing that I can count on is that it won't be what they promise, much less better than promised.

That is not in defense of LI in light of your experiences. All I'm saying is that it can be worse. Rather than a steady string of complaints in a public forum, plan ahead and/or find different suppliers for what you need. For me, this will probably be the last digital project that I do on Ilford fine art paper, the search is on for a replacement, it will probably be Lysonic which I can pretty much get on demand via inkjetart in Utah.

Oh, an admission of digital on this site. Let me say that it has paid for some damned fine film based equipment and a freezer full of film. My daughter's complaint is that we are limited to two pot pies and a half gallon of ice cream per trip to the store because of the stockpile of film in the freezer. I'm one of you.