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A quote from the article: "Recent research at the Image Permanence Institute has shown that sulfiding treatments give excellent protection for microfilm against red spots, and that gold and selenium treatments only are effective (in the absence of sulfiding action) to the degree chat the silver image is converted to gold or to silver selenide.
This is *most* interesting article - and site!!

Interesting to note that the inclusion of gold or selenium was not as significant as the sulfiding agents. They report that Kodak Gold toner, formulated without the gold, was equally as effective.

Interesting also was the conclusion that temperature and relative humidity were more significant factors than pollutants in the air.

I've been using Agfa'a Sistan. I have no "bite-sized" method of testing its effectiveness. The only reference I've read, independent of Agfa's literature, was written by a prominent chemist with a specialty of "photographic stuff."
He wrote that in theory, Sistan should be **very** effective, but he was not aware of a definitive study, so he could only say something to the effect of, "Looks good .. but I don't know."

Anyone have any other information about Sistan?