I developed my first negative yesterday using Pyrocat HD and 8X10 Classic 200 film with the minimal agitation as has been discussed on the Azo forum. The results of that are as follows:

The scene was a SBR 6. For you zone folks that would amount to a N+1 or thereabouts. I mistakenly rated the film at EI 100 (shooting Efke PL 100 in 4X5 too). Unfortunately the negative had damage and I will be unable to post the image until I rephotograph the scene.

The development time was 53 min in BTZS type tubes using a dilution of 1-1-150 at 70 degrees F. My agitation was 1 1/2 min at outset followed by fifteen seconds at 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 of total development time. The negative was unbelievably sharp.

The density as read on the blue channel of my densitometer was as follows:

Low density .74
High density 2.41
Net density range (contrast) 1.67

This would fit on grade two Azo with a small amount of water bath since my tests on that paper show an ES of 1.60.

When I rephotograph this scene I will rate the film at 225 and I will bring my development time down to 48 min. This should give me the negative that will print with no water bath and still utilize the potential of grade two Azo paper.