Just in general reference to the eyeglass question. I have a Contax RTSIII which has diopter adjustment of +-3 diopters. Since I am very myopic, I had to add a -3 diopter lens to this to bring my viewfinder into clear focus with no glasses. I work mainly from a tripod. I really enjoy having the viewfinder being bright, clear and in focus and to see the whole viewfinder. I use depth of preview very extensively. This has done the trick for me. If I use the camera with eyeglases my eye has to be very well centered to see the corners. As a drawback, When I take my eye from the viewfinder I have 'Degas vision' with everything being out of focus. I try to remember to have my glasses on a cord so that I can not lose them. Not much good if I forget to bring it along. If I forget it then I put them into my shirt pocket.

I was taking photos at the downtown Milwaukee post office one summer night after dark. I was using a PC lens on a tripod on sharp gravel from a low viewpoint on my hands and knees. It took me quite a while to find a viewpoint that I liked. When I had finished my photo I found that I had not put my glasses into my pocket. I did not wish to call home for assistance. I did not wish to drive home and to be able to see to drive thru holding the camera to my right eye. I took me better 25 minutes crawling around on my hands and knees using the Braille method to find my glasses by touch whilst being careful that I did not put any weight in the wrong place before finding my glasses. Would you believe that I learned a lesson trom this?