I am working on a work around for both the Universal and 45s. Both have filters in the head, a given, each uses halogen bulbs, also called lamps. The Universal has three bulbs for each of the three colors, the 45s has one. I don't have cables and controllers for either. Since the 45s uses mechanical rise and fall filters in front of the lamp I can disconnect the circuit boards, leaving the fan connected and connect the lamp to a circuit that I can control with my digital timers. The Universal needs three dimmers on a circuit that can be controlled with a digital timer. I don't need the color feedback because I have a color analyzer and I only use the heads for B&W VC paper. I could do color if needed but I don't do color at home anymore. These would give me two more diffusion heads with filters built in. I have have an Aristo head for my Beseler that I am using now but if the bulb goes out I have backups.