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Reading these two posts has drained me - a dead short across my electrodes.

Interesting comment. It appears that your case is certainly unique. It may fit into the subcatagories of unipolar versus bi polar. These are not to be confused with the Artic vs the Antartic...that is another matter entirely and will be dealt with in a separate, and I might add, rather enlightening post.

It would appear that what may have happened in your case was that the brain drain was greater then the synapse capacity. My suggestions is to up the Prozac somewhat (a temporary triple dosage should do it) and at the same time I would suggest that you drink a little more of your favorite alcoholic beverage. That should even things out for you.

I hope that this isn't what I experienced some time ago...A rectal cranial inversion...boy did that take some effort to straighten out.

Nothing like getting one's batteries charged.