Considering the format and application, I would plan on using Pyrocat at the 2-2-100 dilution. This is what most of us use for Azo and Pt-pd printing. The 1-1-100 dilution is used for negatives designed for enlarging.

I would not derate the film by much if any since pyrocat does support advertised film speed well. My experience indicates that for the expansion that you want (and it may not be possible with Bergger) that I would tray develop the film at 24-26 minutes at 70 degrees F. With Bergger I found that once maximum development is attained that contrast does not increase. In fact it will decrease with the greater general density.

My times with that film (rated at EI 80) using ABC Pyro were about 18 minutes maximum development. Pyrocat is less energetic then ABC and I would anticipate that the times that I suggested would get you close to where you want to be.