I don't deny digital, I have a nice cd digital and I consider it to be a "tool". I have a hand saw and a cabinet makers table saw. Both are "tools". Sometimes just a hand saw will to but for professional work I use the table saw. I use what is necessary for the purpose at hand. I wouldn't use digital for display prints but I don't dictate that everyone do the same. I think that film photography needs to be the best it can be, it's future rests on how it is perceived. If it is seen as superior then it will continue to move forward. If digital is seen as superior then no amount of darkroom work will help. Not everyone likes the stink of fixer on their hands. How many people wouldn't give up their horse for one of those loud cars? How many people got rid of the horse for something they could park in the front of the house and not feed house and cleanup after the horse? There are always people who want the newer technology and "ease" of use. Analog film photographers have billions of dollars of ad out there pushing digital photography. Even the photo magazines are now hybrid mags. Noting last forever though, enjoy it while it lasts.

How about a million photographer walk to promote the continuance of film photography?