I frankly prefer the Agfa paper - but its not really an empirically justifiable prefernece. I have used Iflord paper with Dektol with great results (at least from that part of the process - the part behind the viewfnder always leaves something to be desired). I slowly sttled on a 1:2 or 1:3 dilution after starting with 1:1. I prefer the slightly warmer look I find it gives me - its a subtle but in my opinion noticeable difference.
No grain issues. The only time I had any issues was when I left a print in the soup for something like 15 minutes, and it was too warm to begin with (I got distracted) - but that was just my mistake through and through.
You mention Kodak paper - I have developed Agfa, Ilford and Kodak paper in the same session, in the same batch of soup - no differences other than those inherent to the paper speed and finish (and to smaller degree, tiny differences in how they react the contrast filters - again, miniscule!).