While going down the tube road with many bumps I stumbled onto a nifty setup. While at the shop I looked over at the welding cart yesterday and saw a blue tube that holds the various welding rods. The light bulb went on. This little gizmo is absolutely perfect for 8X10. I went to a welding supply store(even Home Depot has them) and bought two of them. They are called "Rod Gaurd" They cost me 11.00 each. Get the 14" size. All I had to do was wash them good with a little laquer thinner(on the outside) and two coats of Krylon semi-matte black spray paint and voila! I like them for they are threaded and the cap will hold about 300ml. really good rubber gasket and no leaks at all. No need to pre wet, just put film in dry and have presoak water in cap and away you go. They have these indents so to speak running length wise that allows plenty of water to get in behind the film. I do like the tubes in water SPINNING and BOBBING for I think you can't get a more evenly developed neg. I have posted two pictures before and after painting in my personal gallery so check it out if at all interested. The other feature I like about them floating in water is maintaining the right temp. I use ABS tubes with end caps for my 5/7 work and was going to go with that for 8/10 but it's so big and heavy. These little tubes are very light and float very fine. Plus the threaded cap is very convienient. Hope this helps someone.

Mike Pry