OK, folks, it's decision time...

Please let me know who will be attending our get-together on Sunday, 25 June. Unless I get feedback to the contrary, we should meet at Millbrook Village sometime between 9 and 10 in the morning. Earlier is fine with me, but I want to allow some reasonable time for those who are traveling a distance. Here is some information on the location:
At the junction of Old Mine Road and Route 602 in New Jersey, 12 miles north of Interstate 80 at Exit 1 westbound. (Eastbound, exit at first ramp after the toll plaza and turn hard right)
Website: http://www.nps.gov/dewa/InDepth/Sites/MV.html

Check out this info so you can get an idea on how to get there.

As always, out get-togethers are open to all film formats. Althgough many of us will be shooting large formats, feel free to bring the Hassys and the 35mm's.

Again, let me know who will be attending thrpough a PM or e-mail (jgphotography@att.net). In the event of rain, it is your call if you want to show up. I know if it is raining heavily that day, I will probably not be there. A little rain is OK; I may just shoot medium format instead of larfe format though. If you have other ideas, please share. Also, feel free to bring any handouts or your portfolio to show.