More to the point, Steve, I'd expect those values to be pretty much universal for a reasonable loads on 120-240 V service -- it's not that the capacitor needs to store much charge, it just has to take the current long enough for the physical contacts to separate beyond arcing range.

Curt, yes, the Gralab 300 is a biggish black square box.

I've gotten lots of opinions that the Gralab is fine with the cold light (and mine certainly seems to be okay), and some folks saying even the little Time-o-Lites are okay. BTW, I think I found a way to use two Time-o-Lites to do repeated split filter printing, assuming they have a "focus" setting that turns on the lamp. You'd hook them up in series (that is, plug one timer into the switched outlet of the other, then the enlarger lamp into the second timer), and set the blue and green times; for the blue exposure, set the "green" timer to "focus" and then swap to expose with the green filter. Lacking a focus setting, you could rig a box with a double-pole, double-throw switch to connect both supply and lamp hot wires alternately to the two timers, and just flip the switch back and forth from "green" to "blue" -- use a three-throw setup and you could add a "focus" position.

However, since I don't do many multiples (yet), the Gralab with manual setting for each exposure is currently working fine.