Was at a gallery opening and the photographer was asked by someone why his photos were so expensive. (minimum was $800) He put up a real attitude and replied 'these are Fine Art photographs'.(while dripping with superiority and disdain for the lady who asked the question... all the while dressed in black and holding a wine glass)
Then she asked him what made them 'fine art' and not 'just another pitcher'?(Utahns have a tough time pronouncing picture)

He was stumped without an answer and just glared at her and walked away.

She left without buying anything. (and I know she had the funds as she collects art of various types, including photography)

The photographer was asked the same thing a few other times and failed to answer or explain to each time, losing sales as well as respect from a number who were at the opening.

I know he visits this site... so, what is the difference. Maybe it will help him next time so he can give a simple explanation and not have to do the 'offended artist' act.