Thoughts and questions near the end of my birthday - as I turn 50.

I think of all the blessings I have - family, friends, joys and experiences.

I wonder what is to come - will I have more time and opportunities to enjoy my photography, as compared to the last few years. Certainly I have the desire to do so, thanks to a great extent to having discovered APUG and all the people here.

Iíve had a fine day - a tough day at the office, but otherwise many good wishes (and a few jokes, and some truly twisted and funny cards) from lots of people. I have received generous gifts from my lovely wife and my wonderful parents, and a wonderful meal at a special restaurant that I have wanted to visit for a long time.

Turning 50 probably has the same effect on me as it does on many - it makes me think of things.

For this post, I have two questions, and two wishes.

Question 1 - for those of you who have already attained and passed the age of 50, did you find that your photographic vision continued to grow and mature after you passed this artificial milestone? If so, how?

Question 2 - for those of you who have a ways to go until you reach this age, where do you want to be (photographically) when you are 50?

My two wishes are directed to two who have shared personal experiences here:

Jorge - much strength, good luck and healing - get well!

Cheryl Jacobs - much happiness in your pending marriage.

Paradoxically, no photographs were taken today. Thatís okay - there will be lots taken in the future, and the memories will linger in any event.

No one should feel the need to respond to this thread, but if you would like to, I look forward to checking for responses tomorrow when I log in.


P.S. I've posted this in the "Ethics and Philosophy" forum, but if it should be in the "Lounge" instead, please feel free to move it.