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... yes,[font=Verdana][size=2] windows, rockpools, doorways [/size][/font]... derivative, simply another picture.

I do like Per's approach. Smart to avoid discussing the meaning or substance (that may be there). To me when an artist explains their 'art' they fail, instantly. Better to talk about the peripheral stuff. The nuts and bolts of how/where/when or perhaps what they were thinking at the time.

As Robert Adams has said [paraphrased] "For photographers; words are proof that the vision they had is not fully there in the picture".

But for goodness sake say something. Or you may become the unfortunate subject of a discussion like this.

Perhaps you might look to that portion of my work that is depicted in forms and function...or perhaps you might share some of your work with us.

By the way the work that you addressed is over twenty years old. While the images in the Forms and Function portfolio is recent.