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Turning 50 probably has the same effect on me as it does on many - it makes me think of things.

Question 1 - for those of you who have already attained and passed the age of 50, did you find that your photographic vision continued to grow and mature after you passed this artificial milestone? If so, how?
Matt, just do not think about it ! You probably do not feel any different than you did the day before you were 50, so what is the big deal?!

My photography did not take off until past 50 as it was then that I had more time. Previously I took "touristy" slides but later I determined to find out more about photography, went to part time classes, learned about photographers, the history of photography, set up my own darkroom and produced my own work. You could say that my vision expanded as I became much more involved with b & w photography and covered the whole process. I had pictures accepted for salons and competitions. So age means nothing in this context.

We all have Jorge and any others who need our thoughts and good wishes at this time in our minds and wish them well.

By the way, I am another year older today !