I have used a friends Canon 10D as a polaroid of sorts, for pictures where straight exposure would not give me the appearance I wanted (and I don't have the know-how to determine it correctly by extrapolating from a meter). But given the capabilities of a dSLR (metering modes, ASA settings, decent lenses, etc.) its still a long leap away from your cell phone - which produces a picture based on some simplified algorythm without telling you how it did so, how it arrived at this exposure, etc.. I don't see how a cell phone would be any help since it gives you no useful information to even base a guesstimate on. Its bad enough that the digigizmo has a depth of field of a pinhole - and the cellphone would be even worse. It would be like basing your plans for the future on a sci-fi novel: no relation.
Make calls with phones - I am on the same page as Mr. Boyd here: give me a phone that calls and recieves calls! Is that too little to ask???!!!