I used a Benbo Mk 2 for years and when on a hike I always carried it with the camera left on and set ready to shoot with the legs in the open position but with the centre column pushed back at the same angle as one of the legs. I then placed it across my shoulders with two legs one each side of my head over the front and the third leg and centre column hanging down my back. All legs are withdrawn to the minimum height. With a little practice you will find that you can balance it so that you don't have yo hold it leaving your hands free. I found it surprisingly comfortable because the weight was spread, but the real benefit was that when photographs presented themselves the camera and tripod were ready for virtually instant use.

You have got yourself a really versitile tripod even if it can be a brute. I credit the Benbo with getting me at least one image every time I went out that I could not have got with any other tripod. I still have mine but don't use it because of the weight and the ravages of getting old so I retired it and purchased the Gitzo Mountaineer carbon fibre tripod simply because of the weight difference.