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I think that it is not an unreasoable requirement at all. This is not a university in the middle of nowhere (although some would argue that point...). For some students getting that new edition text IS the equivalent of a rare manuscript in terms of financial needs.
It is not the cost, but the availability of mechanical, manual cameras that I would object to.

For those who do not live in major cities - you might be surprised at what is available these days. I do not live 'in the middle of nowhere' (I can see it from where I am) but there are no camera stores within an hour's drive from me. The nearest used camera store that would have a mechanical camera is over an hour away, in Raleigh, NC. B&W film is only really available there or by mail-order, and most chemistry other than D-76 or Rodinal is only available from the 'net.

What I mean to say is that mechanical cameras and B&W film are quickly vanishing from basic non-specialized retail stores of all sorts. I know we tend to think it's in every corner drugstore, but it isn't. That's not a 'film is dead' diatribe, that's plain unvarnished truth. It is easier to find a bowling alley than a camera store these days.