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Question 1 - for those of you who have already attained and passed the age of 50, did you find that your photographic vision continued to grow and mature after you passed this artificial milestone? If so, how?
Happy Birthday!

I'm 55 - for the record. Turning 50 did nothing for my photography; being, as you said, an artificial milestone. The real milestones have been hanging around other photographers with similar intentions, but better skills. Lee Carmichael, Matt Magruder, Les McLean, et al; met through APUG and/or at various workshops (you know who you are ), have been incalculable influences.

However, had I met such people 20 years ago, my ego and relative immaturity might have not let the influences "take", if you will. So maybe being over 50 really has made a difference in that respect.


50 is the new 30 ... :o