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I had one of these at one time. The meter should have a cord that plugs into the meter and into the strobe power pack synch socket. By remotely triggering the strobe you can take reflective and incident reading to determine your exposure and light balance.
Unfortunately I don't have a cord. The inputs to the calcuflash are marked 'positive' and 'negative' and look like sub mini jacks, like the ones that go into a low spec on camera flash head. From your experience is this all they are ?

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I also got one on eBay and have been wondering where to fnd the cord. There is a manual on the Quantum web site at http://www.manuals.qtm.com/p3.htm, and all it says is to use the supplied cord. Like yours, mine had no supplied cord. Hmmm.

I also looked through B&H and had no luck, perhaps Quantum has something it sells. At first I thought it was a mini photo jack, but it is smaller than that, now I have no ideas what it is.
I've used it wirelessly on a tripod but it's a bit of a pain. It is a good meter though, I have checked ambient light against my SLR and Weston both incident and reflected and it's within 1/3 stop in daylight.