Hello everyone,

I'd love to hear people's different views on this, especially those who started with very little.

My situation is now that I have not much in the way of space or equipment - basically my camera is a Speed Graphic with the standard 135mm Graflex lens. I haven't got any lights, and there's no room in my home for a studio. I thought about getting a circular reflector to assist with daylight, but I'm not about to splash out on studio lights and the like.

But I find myself wanting to get into taking pictures of real people that are a little bit better than the average snapshot, and it's hard to know where to begin. It started when we had a visit from two sisters who came to us to collect some things they needed for an unfurnished house one of them was moving into (from Freecycle). After they'd gone, I kicked myself a bit because I realised that they would have made a wonderful portrait! There's a good chance they may be back, in which case I will try to be ready for them in some way.

So, how do you get someone to pose for you? And when they say 'yes' what do you do next?

I realise that rather than looking longingly at more equipment to help, I need to start from where I am with what I've got - hence the request for ideas.

What do you think?


PS The obvious is difficult - namely my fiancee isn't keen to pose for anything, so I don't want to push that one.