Well I just developed my first negs with these tubes, with a few bumps in the road. I decided to try semi-stand developement for one hour with agitation at the begining and at 30 mins. The first mistake I made was forgetting to have some PCat HD mixed up, which is my preferred developer for this technique. I didnt' feel like waiting for the chemicals to dissolve so I went with Rodinal, which I keep on hand for both film and paper. My dilution was 1:100, which I hoped would provide a compensating effect in my highlights, while still being strong enough for my 1 hour development. At first glance upon washing, the negative has very even development, but there seems to be a bit more fog than i'm used to with Rodinal. This could be due to the long development, or the fact that my Rodinal is a bit old...not really sure at this point. The negative has also been sitting in the holder for about a month, so that could possibly be the source of the fog as well. The main problem I had was with scratches. I had a number of scratches on the base side, which comes into contact with the tube wall. This probably happened when I was inverting the tube during the presoak, as that was the only time where there was enough force to move the negative around in the tube. I couldnt' see anyting in the tube that would cause the scatches, but I imagine that a wet base could be scratched by the smallest particle on the wall. Next time I will not invert the tube at all, but rather spin it upright in the container, so that there isn't sufficent momentum to move the neg. If that doesnt' solve the problem, then I'll also try it with a fiberglass screen lining, such as Don uses. This way the screeen moves against the wall with any motion and not the neg. Time and further testing will tell, but I do like these tubes a lot. All I have to do is refine my technique to make these work.